Thursday, November 13, 2014

About Scott Shaw


Team BOR (Balls Out Racing) is an Adventure Racing team focused on 
finishing and having fun. 

Team BOR (Balls Out Racing) is an Adventure Racing 
team focused on crazy fun and finishing strong...well just finishing.  The team is 
composed of like minded crazy individuals that mesh well together.  Each of us 
have strengths that help the team and each has their weaknesses that make us 

Paul Frisbee (The Manimal) of Rolla Missouri is the Godfather and originator of the team.  He is 
mostly animal hence the name The Manimal.  His 
job is to push the team harder and farther.  His strengths are leaping over tall 
mountains in a single bound.  His weakness is the rest of the team can't.  His 
steed is Candy.  

Dave Cortivo (Beast Mode) of St. Louis Missouri is the recruiter of the team 
and official story teller hence the ability to sell this craziness to others.  
His job is back up navigator.  His strengths are pedaling like a mad man after 
everyone else has died out.  His weakness is knowing what a pace is.  He hasn't 
named his bike yet but its always protected so it should be named 

Scott Shaw (Captain Ahab) of Crestwood Missouri is the organizer of the team or the 
one who is telling everyone what to do even though no one listens.  His job is 
time strategy and bike maintenance.  His strength is moving through pain, which 
is good because his weakness is he gets injured the most.  His injuries are 10% 
road, 50% running, 40% crashing Samantha.

Kevin Minton (Grannyless) of Kirkwood Missouri is 
the southern gentleman of the team who always calls out "on your left darlin" 
even though most people take that as a competitive attack.  His job is Check 
Point Charlie and nutrition.  His strengths are pedaling up hills like a mad 
man, but his weakness is his stubbornness not to have a granny ring on Esmeralda 
and knowing which way is north.

Neil Dickhaus (Human Compass)of Eureka Missouri has the 
natural ability to bushwack quickly and normally accurately.  His job is primary 
navigator unless shiny new metallic magnetic objects are near by.  His strength 
is signing up for races quickly and his weakness is wishing he hadn't.  He has 
the oldest running horse around named Gretchen, but he just bought a new 29er.

John Naas (Redline) of Sparta Illinois can spin his legs faster than anyone in granny gear hence redline.  We have named his new bike Phantom.  He is against it, but we don't care.  John is training hard for triathlons and one day the Ironman. 


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