Thursday, November 13, 2014

2014 Bonk Hard Castlewood 8 Kevin Minton

2014 Bonkhard Castlewood 8 hour Preview

The field that has already signed up looks tough indeed, with good teams in all the divisions, but the competition that everyone will be paying close attention to this year is the heated race between the two TeamBOR squads.  This has the makings of a legendary event, Neil and Kyle in the two man with Scott, Dave, Paul and Kevin in the four man, all with our sights set on being crowned TeamBOR CHAMPIONS! 

The two man team, Neil and Kyle, looks very strong indeed for this race.  Combining Neil's impressive navigation skills with Kyle's fearlessness and speed will make for a tough team to beat in the 2-person male division.  The only potential issues I see with this team are Kyle's inexperience and Neil being old.  And not necessarily that Neil is old in a physical sense, but I see him being ready for a nap and breaking out his old man chair at a TA to change his shoes.  Kyle is going to have to really try and push the pace where he can without going to fast as to loose his dad.  Remember Neil, 100 foot between the two of you at all times. 

The four man team is made up of four strong individuals, who I believe will draw upon there collective experience to form an even stronger unit.  Scott will be doing the navigating, which is a huge boost to the 4 man team as he has had much success in previous races and o meets and has not let them down yet.  Scott has the natural ability to not only get you to the checkpoint, but he can see the best route to the point and put you in good position on the following point.  They also have Dave, whose riding style is hands down one of the smoothest I have seen and has the unique ability to speed up as the race goes on.  Paul brings with him his natural abilities at everything athletic and really helps pull the team together by being the anchor point.  Kevin brings a good attitude, and a bike that is missing some gears. 

Expect to see some serious fireworks when these two teams go at it Saturday, Nov 15th.  If you haven't already made plans for that day make sure you are out there to cheer on not only both TeamBOR teams, but all the other teams out there as well!

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